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Front camera to detect moving vehicle
and object Real-time buzzer before collision

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Company Overview

Chartered NextGen Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an Indo-Israeli initiative & Representing Ituran (Israel) MOBILEYE (Israel) in India for Business Development including Pre & Post Sales Support for Vehicle Telematics Solutions. Our real-time web-based solutions enable customers to significantly improve their cost structure by reducing fuel consumption, as well as other costs of ownership elements such as safety events, mechanical events, accidents, fatalities and injuries.

Not only this, our software algorithms perform detailed interpretations of the visual field in order to anticipate possible collisions with other licensed vehicles, pedestrians, animals, debris and other obstacles. Our products are also able to detect roadway markings such as lanes, road boundaries, barriers and similar items, as well as to identify and read traffic signs and traffic lights. This is done with high performance, low energy consumption, and low cost, with automotive-grade standards.

Chartered NextGen Solutions Pvt.Ltd. aim to be a global leader in providing leading edge technology and services. Our unique automotive intelligence is deployed in driver and vehicle behaviour applications. We focuses on saving customers’ money by providing solutions that substantially improve fleet management operations, efficiencies and administration. Chartered NextGen Solutions Pvt. Ltd has become the leading Telematics supplier for some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and diversified fleets around the globe due to its extensive knowledge and experience of fleet management.

Mobileye is a technological leader in the area of software algorithms, system-on-chips and customer applications that are based on processing visual information for the market of driver assistance systems (DAS). Mobileye’s technology keeps passengers safer on the roads, reduces the risks of traffic accidents, saves lives and has the potential to revolutionize the driving experience by enabling autonomous driving.